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February 16, 2011







June 2002

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INTRASS Hires Sales Manager



Seattle, Washington - Intrass, a high-technology start-up  company specializing in advanced intelligent transportation safety systems, announced that Bob Neff has joined the company as Sales Manager.


Bob Neff is an experienced Sales and Marketing executive with 36 years of OEM, Tier One and After-Market components background to the Automotive, Light Truck and Heavy Truck industries. He is accomplished at sales team building and leadership, strategic planning, new product launch, project management, and Six Sigma Blackbelt analysis.


"Mr. Neff's proven ability to establish and manage business partnerships will allow Intrass to start the business development necessary for success.  We are extremely pleased that he has decided to join us and confident that his effort and passion for the Intelligent Transportation Industry will lead to great benefits for Intrass," said CEO, Mr. Ron Hochnadel.


Bob spent the last 7 years, of his 12 years at Eaton, as Automotive Sales and Marketing Manager for Eaton VORAD Technologies marketing MMW radar based Forward and Side Collision Warning and Adaptive Cruise Control Systems.