Intelligent Transportation Safety Systems      

February 16, 2011




Look Ahead Detection

LAD System        

Look Ahead Detection System

CHMWL   A Look Ahead Detection (LAD) is a system designed to form a linear network of vehicles in a lane and then pass deceleration information rearward along this network. This information is processed in each vehicle and where warranted, warnings are made. A LAD system is designed to reduce and/or prevent rear end collisions involving all types of vehicles on roadways.

The human interface of the LAD system is a simple small heads up display similar to the familiar traffic light where green indicates the system is engaged, yellow is a warning that a vehicle somewhere in front is slowing, and red means stop. 

Radar based headway detection systems are designed to eliminate approximately 50% of rear end collisions. LAD systems are designed to complement headway detection systems by looking farther ahead in traffic to eliminate a substantial percentage of rear end collisions even though actual vision may be blocked by vehicles or the weather.




Intrass' "Look Ahead Detection"

system warns drivers of

dangerous situations before

they are encountered.



A LAD prototype is available for demonstration purposes.